On sale Hasselblad 500 C/M plus accesories

[Pristine condition] Hasselblad 500 C/M plus Carl Zeiss Planar 80 mm 2.8 Lens, A12 back (matching insert), Polaroid-Land back, and bundled accessories.

$1,699 USD plus shipping costs


Body (10EH19193)
I purchased this camera back in 2009 from a colleague pro photographer, who treated all his gear real gently, almost in an obsessed way. I never used this 500 C/M but everything seems to work as intended. The last roll shot by the previous owner, inside the camera till last week, once developed showed correctly exposed frames with no light leaks. While in my possession I have taken good care of this fabulous camera, as it has been stored uncocked, at cool temperature and in dry conditions. Cosmetically it is in pristine conditions, never dropped, and the body shows virtually no dents. The line between the body and the back shows no gaps. The curtain opens and closes nicely. This 500 C/M comes with the original focusing screen (42165), plus an additional focusing screen acute-matte split screen with grid (42170). The mirror shows some dust, according to the use. This body was made in 1992 (EH). A professional service is recommended, but not compulsory.


A12 back (30EH37772)
The back is near to perfect, except for only two minor dents in the left-bottom corner (seeing the camera from rear view). This back has matching shell and insert (772) numbers. Last week, when I unloaded the left roll of film from the back, the operation was smooth and everything worked normal.


Waist-level finder.
It pops up easily, as does the flip out magnifying loupe.

Lens (7277581)
The lens is in very good condition, seeing it from the front as well as from the rear. Aperture operates smoothly in half stop increments, and focus is real smooth. The shutter works fine in all the range of speeds. There is no haze, no fungus, virtually no scratches, and no gaps. There is though slight sign of use and a point of dust in the interior, according to the use (pointed with a red arrow in the photos). A professional service is recommended.



The photos shown here are of the actual camera. Please refer to these for more detail.
This offer includes:

  • Hasselblad 500 C/M medium format SLR film camera body
  • Carl Zeiss Planar 2.8 / 80 mm lens plus lens cap.
  • Waist level finder.
  • A12 back (with matching insert).

Included bundled accessories, in pristine conditions (worth from $425 USD to well over $600):

  • NPC Photo Division Polaroid-Land back.
  • Hasselblad ø 60 / 80 lens hood – sunshade.
  • Hasselblad narrow leather strap with quick release.
  • Hasselblad quick release plate with 3/8” and 5/8” threaded tripod socket.
  • Hasselblad (41608) UV-sky filter ø 60 mm.
  • Hasselblad acute matte (42170) grid split image rangefinder bright focusing screen (additional to the screen acute-matte 42165 installed in the camera, of which box is shown).
  • Hasselblad (51700) quick focusing handle 1/CF 40-80 (maybe not matching with the included 80 mm lens).
  • Suitcase. 14” (36 cm) x 18” (46 cm) x 9” (23 cm), sturdy, padded, in good conditions in the inside. It looks old from outside, but, a benefit that results of this is no one will suspect you are carrying such a fine camera ;D
  • Two 190” / 15.8’ (4.82 meter) flash synchronizer cables.
    One 162” / 13.5’ (4.11 meter) flash synchronizer cable.
  • Falcon dust off pro gun.
  • 29.5” (75 cm) x 25” (64 cm) portable film changing bag dark room, double layer. In great condition.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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